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Dec. 18th, 2004 @ 12:03 pm I want something else, to get me throught this...
Mood: apatheticWell...what do you expect?
Tunes: Finch : Letters to You (acoustic)
So, it's fucking early and I didn't sleep last night. I went to Groundworks for like, two and a half hours last night. It was all these fucking hardcore bands. And the first one actually kicked ass. They were hardcore, but had melody. I talked to them. They're nice guys, down to earth and all. They're called Side Wise. Their web address is http://www.sidewisemusic.com/ ...anyhow. Terra Firma played, I've seen Terra Firma one too many times....they aren't worth it. And the singer is a cocky bastard. So I went to the back room and sat around with all the smoker kids. LoL. (No cigarettes in the carpet area of Groundworks, including stage area) By that time it was actually pretty late. It was Derricks birthday. Fucking Ninja... So they were getting ready to play. (Derrick is in Evermourn) But although I hate ninjas I have no problem with Derrick. Sometimes we have to battle though. Anyway, and though I like Derrick, not an Evermourn fan. So I left. I came home, and played on the computer. Talked to Saive on AIM, and tried to play some online game. I got a phone call at eleven something, and was on the phone like...all night. They got on their computer too, and we sent links to pics and shit to eachother. I didn't fucking realize what time it was until like...almost 6 AM. Then I don't think I got off the phone and went to sleep until ten after seven. Woke up around eleven and took a shower. Why do so many emo songs make referencess to highways? I think I might start making a list of the top ten things mentioned in emo songs. I think highways might be one. I have to go to some super gay family christmas party in a few hours. I think I might try and stay with my grandparents for tonight and tommorow night or something. Come home Tuesday? I don't know yet. Maybe I wont go at all... They could take me to eat at McBrides though..and maybe I can get them to take me to a movie. We had some conversation at Groundworks last night about kissing. And how really, there is no one who wants to kiss me. I mean... I'm not THAT bad. This girl I've talked to before was being all "awwww" about it. I hate sympathy. People give it to me far too often. I don't want it. Thats ironic considering the song that just came on my Media player is 'Sympathy'. Irony. How I love it. Hate it. Loathe it. Want it. I need a vacation. I need some people to decide where I am in their life. Oh, one person in particular, if you're reading this, I'm not talking about you. I know you're selfish, and you might have thought that. I meant as an overall. People need to decide where I fit in their life. I think I'm starting up my "band" in January. As of now, the line-up is. Me/Pete : Lead Vocals, Emily/Tay : Lead guitar/acoustic guitar, Jax : Drums/acoustic guitar. Our name as of now is 'The Letter E'. What does everyone think of that?
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Date:December 18th, 2004 11:41 pm (UTC)
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no, you didn't do anything